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ordering problem

1. If I have not registered as a member, can I still shop?
Can't. If you have not registered as a member, you can still add products to the shopping cart, but you must register with buyhome.hk to purchase the selected products.

2. How to order products?
Please log in to your account first. If you have not become a member yet, please register first. After logging in, you can select the items you want to order and put them in the shopping cart. To complete the purchase, click "Shopping Cart" in the upper right corner of the webpage to view the order details, select the delivery method and fill in the relevant delivery information and complete the above procedures, then click "Confirm Order",
choose the payment method:

Credit Card: Pay directly with your VISA / MASTER / AEMX credit card

WeChat/Alipay/Payme payment: open the payment on your mobile phone, scan the QR code to pay

Octopus App: PC version payment: Please use the mobile Octopus App to scan the QR code for payment

Mobile version payment: Please copy the following payment link to Safari / Chrome to make payment
*Enter the amount payable at checkout, and capture a picture of the payment record, and upload the picture to check the account record. If your mobile phone fails to upload the picture, please WhatsApp the account record to 68 133 688. The payment verification time is 1-2 working days.
Welcome to use other payment methods to make up the difference, except credit card and please submit the difference in WhatsApp to 68 133 688.

Bank transfer / ATM transfer / FPS: All order procedures (including order confirmation, payment and uploading transfer records) must be completed within 12 hours to be counted as an order on the same day, otherwise the delivery date will be delayed; After completing the entire order process (including order confirmation, payment and uploading transfer records), the order will be automatically canceled. After the payment is confirmed, the shipment will be arranged in about 1 to 3 working days.

Bank Name: Bank of China
Account number: 012-887-00199672
Account Name: Buy Home Limited

Bank Name: DBS Bank
Account number: 47-0911980
Account Name: Buy Home Limited

Bank Name: Dah Sing Bank
Account Number: 74-702-2392-7
Account Name: Buy Home Limited

Bank Name: HSBC
Account number: 454-822040-838
Account Name: Buy Home Limited

Bank Name: FPS
Account number: ID: 162821573
Account Name: Buy Home Limited

Please upload the transfer record to "My Order" after the submission date and the time proof/receipt, the order cannot be confirmed in real time. If you fail to upload the transfer record, please contact the customer service department on WhatsApp at 68 133 688

When the system completes the payment process, you will receive an "Order Confirmation" email from buyhome. When your order is successfully shipped, you will receive an "Order Shipment Notification" email from buyhome.

3. What payment method can I choose?
Members can choose to pay by credit card (Visa / Mastercard / AMEX) / Payme / AlipayHK / WeChat Pay / Octopus App / bank transfer / ATM transfer and FPS.

4. If the total amount of goods to be delivered does not meet the specified requirements and SF Express charges are charged, can I change the delivery address to the store? Also can I increase the quantity of the order or cancel the order?
Since the order has successfully completed the payment process and is confirmed as "Paid. In stock" status, we will reserve the goods for the customer, so we are sorry that we cannot cancel the order. If you need to change the delivery address or content of the order, please WhatsApp to 68 133 688 Customer Service text contact
*Please note that if the order status is "shipping", the delivery address or time cannot be changed*

5. Why do I still need to pay extra shipping fee after I have purchased the specified amount?
The consumption amount of the relevant shipping fee is calculated based on the net total amount, that is, the total amount of payment after deducting all discounts and shopping credits. Please confirm again whether the relevant net total amount has been reached.

6. How do I know if the payment is successful?
After completing each transaction, you will receive a confirmation email. Please check your email account, including spam and junk folders, to ensure that emails are not filtered. You can also check for information on confirming order transactions or go to "Order History" to check the order status. If you confirm that you have not received the email and failed to view the message confirming the order transaction in the message center, it means that the payment has not been successfully completed.

7. Why I have entered the credit card information, but still failed to pay?
If you have entered the credit card information but still failed to make the payment, please check that your payment information is correct (including credit card number, expiration date and CVV), because if you do not enter the correct credit card information or leave the transaction screen halfway, the order will not be processed The transaction was successful. If the order status is "Payment Status:
Payment time exceeded", the shopping money deducted in the unfinished transaction will be restored to your account within 1 hour, you can go to the member area to check the shopping money before the next shopping, and then complete the shopping and payment again program.

8. I forgot to use the shopping credit when placing an order, can I modify/cancel it?
Sorry, the order with confirmed payment cannot be modified/cancelled. We understand that members may forget to enter the shopping credit or/and confirm the use before confirming the payment. We suggest that you can use it again when you shop next time.

9. How to enjoy free shipping?
If you spend $500 or more in a single purchase, you can enjoy one free SF Express delivery service. If the discounted amount is less than $500, the delivery service will charge an additional delivery fee of $25 or more, and free shipping for store pick-up.

10. Is the delivery service only limited to Hong Kong?
Currently, the overseas delivery service is temporarily unavailable

order problem

11. How to check my order status and past shopping records?
After logging in, you can click to my account, then click "Orders", you can view all your ongoing and past order records on this page.

12. The order is canceled, how to deal with the payment?
Please WhatsApp to text customer service at 68 133 688

13. What should I do if the goods cannot be picked up within the specified date of the store?
If the product cannot be picked up at the redemption location within 14 days after receiving the email/notification, a storage fee of $10 will be charged per day after the 15th day. If you fail to pick up the goods or notify, it will be regarded as abandoning the goods, and buyhome has the right to refuse you to pick up the goods. If you have any inquiries, please contact the customer service department.

14. What supporting documents do I need to bring when picking up the goods?
When picking up the goods, you only need to provide the order number or purchase record. If you fail to provide any of the above information, Buyhome has the right to refuse you to pick up the goods.

15. If you cannot pick up the goods in person, can you arrange someone else to pick them up?
Can. When picking up the goods, you only need to provide the order number or purchase record. If you fail to provide any of the above information, Buyhome has the right to refuse you to pick up the goods.

16. How to choose to pick up the goods at the Buyhome store?
When shopping, customers can choose to pick up the store for self-pickup on the checkout page.

17. How do I know if the product is ready for self-collection at the store?
The customer will receive an email notification that the product has arrived, and at the same time pick up the product within 14 days of the selected self-pickup store and the notification.

delivery problem

18. What delivery service can I choose?
S.F. Express Home Delivery Service: Available for any order. Spend over $500 (calculated after discounted price), you can enjoy free local delivery once.
Self-pickup at S.F. Express Station or/S.F. Smart Cabinet/S.F. Store: Any order can be used. Spend over $500 (calculated after discounted price), you can enjoy free local delivery once.

**Delivery service is limited to designated areas, fixed addresses in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, including Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, Tung Chung, Discovery Bay and Ma Wan. For inquiries about other special delivery areas, please contact Buyhome Customer Service Department. The delivery service is not applicable to non-fixed addresses, border restricted areas, warehouses, and places where people enter the house through the balcony.
*If you fail to pick up the package or pick it up after the deadline, the member will have to pay the surcharge charged by SF Express*

19. Can I deliver the goods to my door at the specified time?
Sorry, we use SF Express for door-to-door delivery, so we cannot deliver the goods within the specified time, but on the day of delivery, the deliveryman will call/send a mobile phone message to confirm the estimated arrival time, and you can also contact the corresponding Courier service provider delivery man making request.

20. What if I fail to collect the goods within the delivery time of the order?
If the goods cannot be delivered because there is no one at home, please call SF Express and reschedule the delivery time.

21. Where can I get logistics information?
You can follow the tracking number of the goods to SF Express website to check

22. Can I authorize others (such as the building manager/my servant) to collect the goods delivered to my door?
Generally speaking, we need the consignee to sign for the goods to complete the delivery. If the consignee fails to sign for the goods and agrees to other people's request to place the goods in front of the door or at the management office/reception. If the shipment is lost or damaged due to the customer's request to place it in front of the door or to be collected by the management office/reception desk, buyhome will not make compensation for it. If the order is for door-to-door delivery, please fill in the recipient's name and contact number in the recipient column of the order.

after sales question

23. How to ensure product quality?
We will ensure that when you receive the goods, all products will have a warranty period of at least 7 days, except for individual products. If you find that the product is damaged, the packaging is incomplete, or there is a suspected quality problem within 7 days after receiving the product, please keep the photo record of the product, and we will replace the product for you according to the situation.

24. How to return the goods?
Within 7 days after receiving the goods, WhatsApp to 68 133 688 to contact the customer service department in text. After we confirm that the product status meets the requirements of the exchange policy, please keep all packaging materials and documents, and exchange the goods at the purchasing branch/designated branch

Any request for return or replacement due to personal reasons will not be accepted. And any damaged goods due to personal reasons cannot be returned or exchanged. If you paid for the corresponding shipping fee when you purchased the product because the total bill was less than HK$500, and then return the product for any reason, the paid shipping fee will not be refunded. A successful return request will require payment of the return shipping fee.

*Please note that one order can only be returned once; any request for return or exchange of any damaged goods due to personal reasons/personal reasons will not be accepted.

25. I received the wrong item / the item arrived damaged or defective / missing item / missing some products, what should I do?
Please contact our customer service. (Tel: 6813 3688; Service hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm) (Except Saturday and public holidays)

26. What about the delivery arrangement in case of typhoon or bad weather?
When the Observatory announces that typhoon signal No. 8 or above is hoisted in the next two hours, buyhome's delivery service and customer service department will gradually stop providing services. The actual delivery date and time of orders affected by the typhoon will depend on various factors such as delivery address, order quantity and manpower arrangement

Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above: Delivery service will be suspended. If the gale or storm signal No. 8 or above is still hoisted at 3:00 pm, same-day delivery service will be suspended. Black Rainstorm Warning: The delivery service will be suspended and the delivery time will be determined separately depending on the prevailing situation. If the current situation does not allow delivery on the same day, the new delivery time will be notified later.