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Shipping Service Method

Delivery confirmation email
Our system will send you an automatic shipping confirmation email when processing your order.

Our transportation company will not receive packages from our facilities on weekends or postal holidays. Therefore, if you place an order after the order processing deadline, there may be a delay between your shipping confirmation email and the actual shipping order. The time frame of the shipping method you choose will start when the shipping company chooses delivery.

Track your order
When your order is shipped, you will receive an email with shipping and tracking information. You can use the tracking number on the operator's website to track your order. You can go to [your account] to check the tracking number and order details at any time.

Items on the order
If the product is currently out of stock, we expect the date the product will be returned to stock will be displayed on the product’s description page. The availability date of the ordered product is an estimate and is not guaranteed.

Delivery speed
Once the goods are shipped, please extend the delivery to your door by 2-3 working days. Because some of our products are shipped from the supplier’s warehouse, the exact shipping method and time will vary from project to project. In addition, your items may not be shipped together or arrive at the same time.

No delivery on Sundays or major holidays.

Orders placed on Friday, Saturday or on major holidays may take a longer day to arrive.

We are not responsible for the delay caused by the operator, and the delivery time may be delayed.

The estimated delivery time will be indicated directly on the product details page, when placing an order in your shopping cart and in your order confirmation email. The actual delivery time may change.

The following conditions may cause delays in shipment or delivery:

Incorrect shipping address
Payment delays or problems
Cancel items, merge orders or change your shipping address
Hold orders because they contain a large number of individual items, which will lead to inventory depletion
Failure to deliver (e.g. severe weather conditions)
Default mailing address
Your default shipping address is the address used on your most recent order. In Checkout, you can use the default address as the shipping address, and you can also change it at the same time. This will allow you to select another saved address, or enter a new address.

You can check your shipping address at any time in the shipping address area of ​​your account. You can add, delete or edit the saved address. The changes you make in the shipping address area of ​​your account will not affect orders you have already placed.

Delivery area
We ship to Hong Kong, and the delivery address is in Hong Kong.

If you are not at home
It depends on whether the driver needs to sign the delivery, put it at your door, or put it at the management office. If the transport thinks it is best to sign, he or she will try to deliver or notify again. When a package is returned "undeliverable", it should be refunded in full, unless it is determined that the order has been improperly rejected. Orders that cannot be shipped will not be resent. You must place the order again and bear the freight.

Weekend delivery
We cannot arrange weekend deliveries. Some of our shipping companies sometimes send orders via standard shipping on Saturdays, but cannot request or guarantee this service. All shipping and handling times listed on our website are on working days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

Perishable items
There are limited shipping options for perishable products. Please confirm in person for damage when you receive these items.